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Maybe One Day..

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Maybe one day

When it’s all said and done

And you’re old with your wife, and your (our) grandkids

Maybe one crisp morning, having coffee together with her

when the years have came and gone

And you’re wearing your slippers, and your pajamas

Maybe when hobbies replace jobs

When the stress of finances is a memory

And you’re looking at the trees out of your kitchen window and your thoughts wander

Maybe then

you will recall the apricot tree I painted for you

You will remember the jasmine we tried so desperately to grow in your (our) backyard

You will think of the smile of acknowledgment of a joke only we knew in our sons cafeteria

Maybe then

You will think of standing on the chair in the hospital to take the clock off the wall because the ticking drove me crazy, how I laughed despite the pain

You will remember the thanksgiving of me begging you please don’t do this

Please don’t leave me

Please don’t take away our family

Maybe then

You will think of Chicago and talking so much we forgot to get gas

Laying on the couch while my tears fell like water, because I loved you so much that this lifetime was not enough time together

But maybe not.

these things burned in my mind, will die when I do.

I hope you look out your kitchen window with your wife, and your coffee, and I hope you think of nothing but the beauty you see, and the love you feel.

And that I’m just dust blowing by, unseeable, unmemorable.


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