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So this is how it ends...

Two years past due

This is how it ends

I’m hoping those headlights aren’t you

There’s a serenity surrounding me

The backpack. the car speeding off

There’s a fear surrounding me

The coat. the tv still on

But in my head you are gone

In my head i am free

But in my mind you are taunting me

In my mind I am afraid that you might see

All of the mistakes you made

The creation of bruises

The silencing of voice

The aloneness you’ve created and the reliance you have on me

The lack of a lengthy note

I’m afraid

To hear the door noise

I’m afraid

Don’t look back

Oh please don’t look back

Stay gone

Let the coffee grow cold

Let the silence blossom

And let your words fade like ashes

Let your words fade like ashes

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